Cost Efficient and Hassle Free/End-To-End Solutions

Whether it’s updating, refacing or creating a totally new project from the ground up, Ray Reduce Development handles every aspect of the job. Our comprehensive start-to-finish approach ensures a seamless, cost-efficient and hassle-free experience.

From project estimating, architectural evaluation, sourcing materials, executing architectural plans, engineering, scheduling to budgeting to on-site management, we can oversee everything your project requires to ensure your comfort and earn your trust. Because in the end, it’s your satisfaction that’s most important.

Construction Management/Building Strong Relationships

For many years we have been the go-to company for Construction Management in Bergen County.

This is the result of building and maintaining strong relationships with architects and developers who have entrusted us to deliver on their vision and their clients’ requests.

We manage everything from permit acquisition to hiring, insurance, safety processes, time management and more, to ensure that our clients deliver to their customers on spec and on time.

Success is in the Details

We’re obsessed with getting it done right. It’s just part of our DNA. It means envisioning every project from a high-level scope — all the way to the finest design elements.

We pride ourselves on paying attention to every detail. Whether it’s the impeccable quality of the materials, the courteous interaction of our craftsmen, the fit, the finish, even functionality. For us, there’s no room for error, no such thing as “good enough.” There’s a saying that goes, “you’re only as good as your last job.” For us that means the last job must always be perfect.